The Complete Guide: How to Run an Internal Communications Audit

How are you measuring your internal messages to employees?

It’s one thing to launch a new intranet or crank out that weekly newsletter—but you have no idea if the message is landing with your audience, unless you audit. To help internal comms pros assess their programs, Workshop has a new download that breaks it all down.

“The Complete Guide: How to Run an Internal Communications Audit” takes readers through a clear, seven-step process for evaluating and improving upon your team’s existing practices.

The report includes templates and checklists to make it easier to evaluate the current state of your internal comms strategy and then build upon it—or scrap it and start fresh.

The guide covers:

  • How to survey employees on a smaller scale to evaluate the effectiveness of existing practices
  • Examples of which metrics to track in an audit (channel effectiveness, executive comms, etc.)
  • Strategies to ensure leadership buy-in
  • How to involve multiple departments in your audit process
  • Examples of starting points for research, like larger focus groups or pulling quantitative metrics
  • How to report your findings to drive company action

Download your copy today.

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