The Future of Media Relations Special Report

What are the skills, tools and tactics that will help PR pros find success in the current media landscape? Here’s a look at the trends shaping the future of earned media.

Shrinking newsrooms. Digital-first audiences. Dramatically shifting consumer preferences.

Change has always been a part of the media relations pro’s life, but the rate of transformation has been juiced in recent months amid a global pandemic, historic economic turmoil and deep changes to American culture.

However, earned media has never been more valuable for organizations. Institutions are facing a crisis of trust, and journalism has seen a resurgence as audiences look for credible information to understand the world around them.

So, how can media relations pros find success in the future media environment? The simple answer is to help journalists tell the engaging stories that are the meat and potatoes of digital media outlets.

“Despite the very real challenges that exist in the PR pro-journalist relationship, there’s also common ground, which is why the relationship, when it works best, is symbiotic,” says Gregg Castano, CEO of News Direct.

The Future of Media Relations Special Report, a collaboration from Ragan Communications and News Direct, offers several takeaways:

  • Multimedia storytelling is a must-have skillset. How can you offer crucial resources for media outlets looking to engage online audiences?
  • Empathy is paramount. How can PR pros put themselves in the shoes of journalists and their audiences—or, for that matter, brand clients?
  • Brevity is important—but it’s not everything. How can PR pros and the brands they represent take advantage of platforms like TikTok, where short-form content has become all the rage? And how can longer stories still get the attention they deserve?

Media relations experts share their insights and advice on what will make the difference for earned media campaigns now and in the months to come.

Download your copy of the report here.

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