The State of Internal Communication

Email overload is a challenge in organizations of all sizes. Engagement is increasingly important. Benchmark your communication program against your peers’ in a free Ragan/RMG report.

Looking for insight on everything from preferred channels to the use of mobile apps?

A new download from Ragan Communications and RMG Networks affords you and your organization the opportunity to benchmark your communication efforts.

This survey of professionals across multiple industries reveals a higher level of satisfaction at larger organizations, where budgets tend to be more robust. In addition, there are takeaways that will help you in rating your shop’s performance against others.

You might even find ammunition to make the case for greater spending or additional staff.

You will learn:

  • How many respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with the internal communication in their company—versus those who’d like to shake things up.
  • Whether dissatisfaction is greater in smaller organizations (fewer than 500 employees) or in larger ones.
  • The top three challenges that internal communicators face in 2018. (For one, nobody’s happy with email overload.)
  • Whether communicators regard engagement as a secondary concern or a central goal.
  • How hot (or cold) mobile is as a future means of improving communicators’ ability to push content.
  • Statistics on communication budgets. Find out what percent get by on budgets of less than $10,000.

From the most frequently used channels to the importance of personalizing content, this free report outlines the direction that communication is heading. Don’t be left in the dark.

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