The Ultimate Corporate Communications Internal Email Broadcast Best Practices Guide

Email still tops the list as the most used and effective communication strategy, according to Ragan Communications 2022 Benchmark Report. The importance and value of email has only increased during recent periods of crisis and uncertainty and shows no signs of waning. But you must keep the content fresh and your messaging clear … and you must be able to measure the effectiveness of each email you send, what’s working and what’s not and why.

PoliteMail’s 2022 Internal Email Broadcast Best Practices Guide provides practical insights, advice and best practice recommendations to improve your corporate broadcast messaging decisions and help you better engage your workforce.

Executive’s demand objective and actionable data. After analyzing over two billion email messages to nearly 12 million employees, PoliteMail has identified the most successful email patterns.

Filled with data and insights, this guide also will answer key questions including:

  • Does audience size matter?
  • Is there a best time of day or day of week to send a broadcast?
  • Are employees paying attention to your email?
  • How does content type effect readership and engagement?
  • How to get employees to click here?
  • And much more.

Download the guide today!