The Ultimate Return to Work Guide for Communication 2021

A data-driven approach to improve both communications and policy decisions.

As COVID-19 cases diminish and vaccinations accelerate, the talk about returning to the office has increased significantly. Some employees will be enthusiastic, while others will not.

The looming question at organizations worldwide: What’s our back-to-the office plan? Remote, hybrid or in-office? How do you encourage unity and bring your employees together to continue to make the company succeed?

To help you answer those questions with confidence, PoliteMail’s whitepaper—The Ultimate Return to Work Guide for Communication 2021—guides you through the decision-making process. You’ll learn how to use data to help guide your decision.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Construct and conduct employee surveys
  • Segment your audiences
  • Communicate your back-to-work survey process
  • Perform and present a GAP analysis
  • Manage internal and external announcements around return to work

Communicators can play an integral role in helping your company decide (with confidence) on which route is best for your organization. Get your copy of The Ultimate Return to Work Guide for Communication 2021 to feel confident in your plan—complete with survey templates to download.

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