Time For Change: Managing A Successful Future Of Work

A new approach for new ways of work.

For most of us, 2020 was about survival. 2021 is about shaping the future of how we work.

Is it better to push people back to the office? Should you stay remote? Or is a flexible, hybrid model the best path forward? Each approach has merit, but the key is securing widespread buy-in and empowering employees to feel part of the decision-making process. That requires strategic, seamless messaging that helps workers through this difficult period of profound transformation.

A new report from SnapComms, “Time For Change: Managing A Successful Future Of Work,” provides a framework for companies eager to keep employees engaged amid the ongoing turmoil of COVID-19. The report reveals crucial insights, including:

  • Seventy percent of change initiatives fail. Of these, nearly 40% are due to employee resistance.
  • Research reveals 83% of CEOs want their employees to return to the office, but only 10% of employees want to return. How can such opposing views be reconciled?
  • A failed return to work program will result in declining morale, rising turnover, widespread rumors and eroded productivity.
  • At companies where management communicate openly about the transformation’s progress, employees are eight times more likely to report a successful outcome.

The key to successful organizational change lies in sustaining momentum and reducing resistance. It’s also crucial to develop activities that increase employee awareness, interest and confidence in returning to work—and to equip internal influencers who can share key messages and model the behaviors you want to see.

SnapComms’ new report will show you exactly how to do this, and so much more. Download your free guide today.

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