Using Email for Effective Open Enrollment Communications

Getting employees to enroll for benefits is the communication equivalent of pulling teeth.

Pre-COVID, when we were all packed into offices, cafeterias and cubicles, it was a bit easier to communicate the importance of open enrollment in a multitude of forums and touchpoints. Now, with most employees working remotely, how can you get through to them—and get them to act?

A new guide from PoliteMail, “Using Email for Effective Open Enrollment Communications,” advises that your success in this endeavor hinges on:

  • Identifying your audiences
  • Increasing your frequency
  • Providing clear, concise messaging

According to PoliteMail, one-size-fits-all campaigns are doomed to fail. Instead, segment audiences into more specific groups, such as:

  • Employees new to your open enrollment process
  • Employees not enrolled
  • Employees already enrolled

You can drill down even further to identify:

  • Employees who enroll late
  • Employees with enrolled dependents
  • Employees self-enrolled

Beyond that, the onus is on communicators to craft concise, consistent messaging that inspires employees to act. Easier said than done, right?

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