Using measurement to prove internal communications has value

Internal communicators earned a seat at the table with a pandemic crisis, but how to keep it? Learn how two organizations use metrics to prove engagement and alliance with their organizations’ business strategies

Internal communicators know that understanding their employees is critical to meeting strategic communication and business goals.

Data analytics is a key player.

Increasing employee engagement and proving communication’s value to the C-suite starts with data. What’s measured, when it’s measured and how it’s presented can collectively impact how it’s received and whether it inspires action.

This Executive Summary report from Ragan Communications Leadership Council looks at two organizations whose internal communications teams use measurement to prove their value and keep a seat at the table.

You’ll learn:

  • What Microsoft’s employee listening system is and how it informs engagement activities
  • How engagement metrics prove the value of leadership comms
  • What Encompass Health includes in its monthly measurement reports and more extensive reports for high-level leaders
  • The role of qualitative and quantitative metrics

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