Your essential audit checklist

Is it time to clean your comms house? Follow these steps to definitively prove which projects are worth your time—and what needs to change.

Communicators often get saddled with projects that offer little to no discernible ROI.

Without a comprehensive communication audit, you could be stuck doing the same things, year after year, without any real understanding—or proof—of what’s worthwhile.

Ragan Consulting Group’s new “Essential Audit Checklist” walks you through the following five key steps to conduct a communications assessment of your own.

  • Make the business case. Get leadership on board by demonstrating how communication is crucial for retention and recruiting.
  • Conduct a survey. Learn how to ask the right questions that will yield the quantitative date you need to argue for change.
  • Build focus groups. The guide provides concrete guidance for how to create and conduct these important data-gathering sessions.
  • Do leadership surveys. One-on-one interviews with execs can help you gauge how leaders’ views on communication differ from those of employees.
  • Conduct content and channel analysis. What needs an overhaul? What can you stop doing?

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