Who’s worth more to a brand: Facebook fans or Twitter followers?

We’re taught at a young age the value and importance of sharing, but maybe tweeting is where your brand’s money should be, according to this infographic.

A small frosty from Wendy’s.

Two tacos from Jack in the Box.

An Arby’s Jr. roast beef.

Taco Bell’s caramel apple empanada.

The McDouble.

No respectable fast-food establishment is complete without a value menu. It’s easy to understand, even late in the evening after a few drinks. In fact, that might be when it’s the easiest to understand.

But when it comes to social media, determining value isn’t that simple. Do marketers go for the $1.07 Facebook “like” or the appetizing Twitter follower who might cost your brand as much as $4.50?

It’s a hard decision. Luckily, Imbue Marketing provides some more information to consider before making your decision.

(via AllTwitter)


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