Why all PR pros should start their careers as servers

Juggling orders and handling a customer’s overcooked steak may have more in common with your PR job than you’d think. Listen up.

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But besides the food and ambiance, one of the biggest reasons we love it is a waitress. We are actually bummed when we go there and she’s not working. She has our coffee before we even sit down. She knows our kids’ orders. She’s fast. She’s prompt. In short: She’s great at her job.

And being a waitress is a hard job. Ask anyone who has worked in the service industry. That’s why I think everyone in PR should work as a waiter/waitress before they enter the PR business.


Maybe, but here are five reasons why it’s a credible claim:

1. You’ll learn to prioritize.

One thing you’ll learn quickly while working at a restaurant is that it’s all about prioritizing. There’s a customer who needs his steak cooked a little longer. Meanwhile, a couple needs a booster seat for their kid. At the same time, a manager is on your back about a wrong order.

Waiters have to constantly prioritize, and a career in PR is no different. I don’t know about you, but each day I prioritize my to-do list at least three or four times. Some days I do it even more.

2. You’ll learn to deal with negativity.

In the service industry, dealing with customer complaints is just part of the job. You learn to deal with it gracefully.

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