Why LinkedIn is a hot spot for communicators

The social platform has always catered to those looking for career advancement opportunities, but its content and influencer offerings are making more users flock to it.

LinkedIn has been the social network geared to professionals for years—but it’s growing in popularity due to its people-centric approach.

A growing focus on personal branding, networking online and content sharing are just a few reasons that more users than ever (roughly 500 million) are using it.

It’s a different direction for LinkedIn, which traditionally focused on facilitating job and career opportunities. Consider these telling statistics around the platform:

  • Seventy-five percent of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn to help them make their career decisions.
  • Eighty-seven percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to evaluate candidates for open positions.
  • Employees that are hired from LinkedIn are 40 percent less likely to leave an organization within the first six months.

These facts don’t tell the full story of how LinkedIn is changing, however. The platform has shifted its focus from job hunting and recruiting to making connections. These connections can lead to greater things, too. For example, 35 percent of professionals say that a casual LinkedIn interaction led to a business opportunity.

LinkedIn has also upped its content sharing game with native videos, messaging and video filters—along with enhanced status updates.

For more on the platform’s transformation, check out the infographic from NumberSlueth.org below:


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