Why marketers choose certain colors

This infographic explores the psychology of color and suggests why brands like McDonald’s and Pizza Hut prefer red whereas Lowe’s opts for blue.

This story originally ran on PR Daily in May 2013. It’s no secret that different colors evoke different emotions in us, and that marketers have been taking advantage of this for years. But which colors spur which emotions? Perhaps most notably, it is said that red stimulates the appetite. That’s why the color is so prevalent with national food chains like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, Wendy’s, Popeye’s and Chipotle. Blue, meanwhile, is the color most preferred by men, and corporations often use it because it is thought to be productive and not invasive. These and other color-related insights can be found in this infographic from CertaPro Painters: (via Social Media Chimps)


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