Why you need to Google yourself—right now

As it turns out, ‘egosurfing’ isn’t as vain or shallow as we once thought. In fact, it’s a smart move in protecting yourself and your privacy.

Until recently, the very mention of the “self-Googler” provoked images of that guy, the one in the bar wearing two polo shirts—both collars popped, naturally—with a Bluetooth device prominently displayed in his ear.

But not anymore.

As luck would have it, the egosurfer‘s bad rap might be as unjust as Olympic gymnast Jordyn Wieber not qualifying for the all-around competition. In fact, according to this infographic from BackgroundCheck.org, Googling yourself is just the starting point in protecting your online reputation from Internet predators.

Follow the guide provided below to ensure that your private information stays, well, private.


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