Why your ‘influencer’ marketing strategy isn’t working

Struggling to make the right connections online? Fear not, here are a few tips and tools to help boost your brand.

“Influencer” is a buzzword.

Despite that, “influencer marketing strategies” have become immensely popular. They’re also extremely effective.

Trying to jump on the bandwagon, but something isn’t working?

Here are a few reasons why that might be happening:

1. Your influencer isn’t followed by your target audience. Be careful when selecting your brand ambassadors and marketing partners. If someone with a wide online following agrees to cooperate with you, make sure your target audiences align. If not—and your campaign goes bust—he or she might lose followers, and you will probably lose money.

2. You do not have control . Some influential social media users like to work on their own. Although giving them creative freedom can be beneficial, it’s important keep them in check—and on brand. Maintain an open line of communication throughout your partnership.

3. They’re using the wrong platforms. Research various social media platforms before pinning down which influential user to work with. Make sure your prospective partner understands how to engage on your target audience’s preferred platforms.

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If you’re still stuck, consider using these online resources:

  • BuzzSumo. This tool is useful for marketers who work with several influential users at once. It provides thorough analyses of their actions and activity.

  • Kred. This simple tool connects to your social media accounts and determines a value for certain influential users. For example, if you want to check out someone’s Twitter activity, you can check their “Kred score” to determine whether they meet your needs. That score is calculated by analyzing that user’s tweets, replies, retweets, reposts, followers, etc.

  • Klear. This tool can help you find influential users who are already active in your network.

  • TrendSpottr for Instagram. If you plan to incorporate Instagram into your influencer strategy, this tool can show you who and what are trending on that platform.

  • Insightpool. This can monitor your online mentions so that you can react and engage swiftly. It also helps you keep tabs on your partners’ mentions.

Leah Cooper is a professional writer and editor. Follow her on Twitter.

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