Winning the PR Powerball: 6 tips for a successful career

A whole lot of luck goes into winning a fortune like Saturday’s jackpot, but it takes particular skills and traits to make it in public relations. Here are a few smart bets.

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Though the allure of winning $550 million (or more, as the jackpot continues to grow) in this week’s Powerball is tantalizing, getting your dream PR job is probably more realistic.

PR Daily took a look at the highs and lows of playing the lottery and, rather than bet on the draw of six lucky numbers, created this list of a half-dozen winning skills we’d bet on to help you develop a successful, enduring career in public relations:

1. Making thoughtful choices. Diehard Powerball players often carefully consider the numbers they choose. Great PR pros are faced with choices all the time—the kind that can affect their careers or their organization’s reputation. Staying calm in a storm can settle your team down and bolster your status as a leader.

2. Going with your gut. Ever get cajoled into a Powerball quick-pick by the guy behind the gas station counter? If you’ve got a good feeling about it, you usually go for it. Combining an intellectual response with your gut reaction can help in making difficult decisions. Several CEOs call it “the tummy quotient”; if a pending decision is giving your stomach that sinking feeling, don’t ignore it.

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