You know you’re in PR when …

We asked fans of PR Daily’s Facebook page to fill in the blank. Here are 10 of the answers so far.

We asked fans of PR Daily’s Facebook page to finish this statement: You know you’re in PR when … Here are some of the answers so far:

1. You dream about byline article ideas in your sleep.

2. You work 10 days a week.

3. You secretly hate it when emails aren’t in AP Style.

4. You’re at home washing dishes and think, “Can I do this in 15 minute billable increments?”

5. You feel guilty for leaving your desk to take lunch.

6. You get scolded for constantly collecting phone numbers, emails and random snippets of information when you’re out and about with friends!

7. You talk, a lot, about the communication teams for various politicians, and cite everything they are doing wrong.

8. You are hoping to take one day off this summer.

9. You start analyzing people who are being interviewed by the media.

10. The word “spin” makes you cringe!

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