Younger employees don’t want to be regulated on social media

When surveyed, almost half of employees between ages 18–35 said they did not want to be policed on political speech at work.

Younger employees don’t want a social media policy when it comes to political speech in the workplace.

This is according to a survey from Clutch which asked 500 full-time employees about their work preferences.

The study warns that social media has become the new “water cooler” and is therefore an essential part of your organization’s office culture.

However, if your organization does have a policy on political expression at work, employees are more likely to agree that social media should be regulated as well.

For communicators who are looking to protect their brand both inside and outside their organization, how do you craft a policy that protects the enterprise without irking essential stakeholders like employees?

Google is an example of a company which has struggled to answer this question. It rolled out a formal policy to discourage political debate at work, but was then ordered by the government to backtrack.

Do you have a policy that works for your organization? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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