You’re doing it wrong: 3 blogger relations mistakes

Don’t annoy or, worse, make enemies of these important influencers. Avoid these mistakes to win friends (and coverage).

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But many businesses don’t know how to handle bloggers; some brands are approaching these influencers in the wrong way. Since so many companies are vying for time with these folks, it’s important to treat the situation seriously.

Let’s look at some ways you may have goofed in the past.

Too aggressive

Be! Aggressive! B! E! Aggressive!

All right, let’s settle down. It’s important to be aggressive, but only to a point. After a while, you start to overdo it, and you chase the bloggers away. Finding the right amount of aggressiveness is key to the blogger relation process.

In other words, don’t spam the heck out of your favorite bloggers—bullying them into working with you won’t ever work. Try to take it easy. If you don’t get an immediate answer to your request, move on to some others bloggers. Try not to freak out—they’re probably off somewhere writing, give them time.

Also, don’t think sending your favorite bloggers message on every single social media platform will get you a faster response. In fact, the opposite is probably true, and you’ll get ignored for being irritating. Choose one method you think will work best; if they make a big deal out of Twitter, talk to them there.

Just talking about you

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