YouTube helps small-scale marketers with video ads

Advertising with a small budget isn’t easy. With help from professional directors, though, YouTube execs want it to be. Here’s what the streaming company aims to provide.

Video continues to gain momentum across a variety of social media networks.

YouTube is making it easier for small business advertisers with low budgets to make commercials. The Google-owned video streaming company will offer three new services through its new app, YouTube Director.

The app gives small businesses free templates, music options and editing software to create their own videos. The easier it becomes for small businesses to create decent videos, the more likely they’ll be to upload them—and get them to get them in front of more people. FREE DOWNLOAD: A communicator’s guide to crafting videos that captivate and engage employees.

Here’s an example of a small business commercial made with YouTube Director:

YouTube is offering another service that will use your company’s available assets (logo, screenshots, photos, etc.) to create an ad.

Execs say YouTube’s ad service will provide each business with an approved filmmaker to shoot a commercial if a business pledges to spend $150 on advertising. That service is available in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco.

Twitter is also prioritizing video. It announced last week a partnership with Innovid to provide more stats around video views, engagement and time spent watching the videos uploaded directly to the platform. (Image via)


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