Zoo features world’s first live-tweeting badger

By going about its normal day, the Johannesburg Zoo’s resident honey badger triggers pre-written tweets. He’s amassed quite a following.

The honey badger don’t care—except when it comes to Twitter.

The Johannesburg Zoo has come up with an ingenious social media marketing tactic that involves a tweeting honey badger.

As the badger in question, BG, moves about his enclosure throughout the day, six infrared sensors capture his movements. That information is sent to a server, and it triggers pre-written tweets.

In just a few short weeks of tweeting, BG has attracted more than 3,600 followers. You can also track him via #tweetingbadger.

The concept comes from the zoo’s agency partner, Draftfcb, and its digital arm Hellocomputer.

Check out more on how it works in this video, which the group posted to YouTube:


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