10 excellent video explainers

A sleek animation can boost awareness, recruiting, sales, marketing or customer service. Feast your eyes on these fine examples.


Animated explainer videos are a superb way to engage your audience and communicate complex ideas.

Videos tend to drive higher volumes of traffic, shares and conversions than other forms of content, and humans can process images 60,000 times faster than plain text. Beyond marketing benefits, explainer videos can boost recruiting, awareness and customer service efforts.

For a bit of tangible inspiration of what’s possible for your business, here are 10 examples of effective explainers:

1. European Investment Bank

Banking can be a dry, difficult topic to tout in an engaging way.

This snappy 2D explainer for European Investment Bank tells viewers how to take advantage of investment loans and funds that may be available to them. It’s light, fun, engaging and educational.

2. Experian

Experian produced this piece to show how its data management platform makes marketers’ lives easier.

3. Europa Worldwide Group

Explainer videos are excellent messaging vehicles for launching new products or services. This is another great example of using animation to convey complex information to the viewer.

4. Nest Thermostat

Here’s a stunning example of live action and animation blended seamlessly. The animations augment reality and add a memorable element to this clever marketing video.

5. GDPR Legal Services

New legislation can cause mass confusion and anxiety. Explainer videos help educate and reassure your audience.

This informative, friendly guide shows viewers how to comply with new GDPR regulations.

6. Flokk

Flokk does a nice job of showcasing its products here, while highlighting the company’s commitment to environmental preservation.

7. Bostitch

Have you considered creating a piece with no voice-over? Bostitch lets its product do all the talking here.

8. Satair

Sleek explainer videos can be fantastic, evergreen recruiting tools.

Satair used this bold, attention-grabbing film at a recruitment event and as part of a wider hiring campaign.

9. Libra Credit

Credit is another topic that requires a deft touch to make it compelling.

Libra’s video here clearly explains its services using a voice-over, while the expressions of the characters in the animation paint a humorous picture of the frustrations that potential customers could be experiencing.

10. Western Power Distribution

The U.K. utility created this piece to help reduce customer service requests during a power outage.

You can enliven just about any subject matter with an explainer video. If visual content isn’t part of your communication strategy, you could be missing out on big opportunities to attract and connect with your target audience.

A version of this post first appeared on Skeleton’s Video Production blog.

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