10 questions to answer before you publish your next blog post

You’re stretched thin, and your to-do list seems never-ending, but that’s no excuse for producing inferior content. Refer to this quick guide before you hit ‘publish’ to keep your posts clear and engaging.

Running a business blog can be overwhelming—especially if you’ve never done it before.

Your organization’s marketing and advertising efforts no longer depend solely on platforms that are out of your control. You can, and should, use your website and social media channels to promote your business and be competitive.

Of course, that means publishing your own content.

Hiring a copywriter or copy editor can help immensely, but you can also do it yourself.

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Below are questions to consider before you publish your content. It’s tempting to rush through the publishing process, but it pays to make sure you’re producing the best possible material.

These questions are designed to ensure you’re writing to sell and developing your strongest content.

Have you:

  1. Thought about who your audience is for this piece, and how much they know about the subject?
  2. Defined industry terminology so your readers will understand what you’re talking about?
  3. Written a headline that will engage people?
  4. Used Keyword Planner to determine the best keyword phrases?
  5. Read your content out loud?
  6. Included a call to action so your readers will know what you want them to do?
  7. Run spell-check?
  8. Determined that you used the right version of it’s/its, their/they’re/there, your/you’re or any other homonyms with multiple spellings?
  9. Asked someone else to read your work to provide feedback?
  10. Found a good photo to accompany the story?

Doing all these things will help you write to sell.

What has worked for your business? Please offer your insights in the comments section.

Matt Brennan has worked as a writer and journalist for more than 10 years, and he has offered corporate writing services since 2009. A version of this article originally appeared on Business 2 Community.

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