10 stories that need media attention

Try pitching these stories.

Stories that need attention

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There’s a lot of content noise these days and it can be challenging to cut through the clutter, especially if you have stories that should be shared with customers, stakeholders, investors and the general public. Gaining news coverage around these stories depends on what you pitch, who you pitch and how you pitch. So, what are the stories that should be garnering attention and grabbing the spotlight?

ACCESSWIRE’s upcoming webinar, “10 Stories PR Pros Need to Share with Their Audiences,” reveal the organizational topics that truly resonate in today’s business world, including:

  • ESG, DE&I and CSR initiatives
  • Crisis communications and discussions around the world’s tough topics
  • Company awards and accolades
  • Internal hires and promotions
  • Annual reports and company performance

In addition to shedding light on these topics on Jun. 28, ACCESSWIRE/Issuer Direct’s CEO Brian Balbirnie and Executive VP of Sales & Marketing Jennifer Hammers will provide tips for getting media attention in today’s crowded content environment. Join the discussion and register today.



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