12 tips to make webinars more engaging and entertaining

Stand up when you present, bring visceral energy and emotion, and get everyone out of there in under an hour.

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Most webinars are dreadfully boring.

Whether the problem lies in long-winded presenters, technical difficulties or irrelevant (or just boring) material, many webinar pitfalls make us curse the moment we chose to tune in.

It doesn’t have to be so bad. Here are a handful of webinar pointers, as well as a few virtual communication tips adapted from Nick Morgan’s new book, “Can You Hear Me?”

1. Use the “video” feature of webinar software.

2. If you do use video, invest in a good external webcam. Position your webcam so that you’re looking directly into it when you speak. (Try the Logitech BRIO Ultra HD webcam.)

3. Stand up when you present. Use a standup desk to optimize the positioning of the camera.

4. Use a remote control to advance your slides so you aren’t constantly fumbling for the button on your computer. (The SMK-Link RemotePoint Global Presenter works well.) 

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