3 tactics to amplify your PR campaign

Merging established public relations techniques with SEO is essential in today’s digital media landscape. Try these approaches.

Creativity is essential for PR pros—especially when you’re angling for media coverage. 

When outreach efforts fail to generate placements, PR teams can feel defeated.

That’s why innovation is crucial; teams should always be prepared to shift focus and identify new ways to produce results, regardless of roadblocks. 

Here are several nontraditional PR tactics to amplify your results:

  1. Turn content into link magnets.

Links magnets generate backlinks organically. They take numerous forms, such as infographics, blog posts, resource lists and guides.

To begin, create something that will grab attention. This requires comprehensive information, uniqueness and SEO-friendly content. 

Resource lists are a fantastic example. Make sure the list is comprehensive, stands out to readers and makes people want to link back to it. The content doesn’t even have to be unique; it could simply contain links to other sites. 

Make it easy for people to find resources and ensure high-quality content, and backlinks will materialize. 

Make sure your content is easy to find, maximizing the likelihood content will be picked up by search engines. Examples include:

  • Keyword research
  • Easy to read content
  • Images containing alt attributes with the focus keyword 
  • Meta description
  • Optimized snippet preview 
  1. Weave link-building strategies into PR campaigns.

For brands that primarily or exclusively operate online, securing a story in print doesn’t carry the same weight as digital coverage. 

However, not all digital stories are created equal. A story containing a link to your site is immensely more valuable than one with only a brand mention. PR pros must become experts in multiple areas of digital marketing, such as SEO, to ensure their results generate more than just brand awareness. 

Fusing PR and SEO efforts—notably through link building—will improve Google rankings, but it can also lead to many top-tier placements. It’s a win-win. 

  1. Ride the coattails of a developing story. 

Known as “newsjacking,” drawing attention to your own brand or content via the day’s most popular news stories is a simple yet effective tactic. 

Let’s say you’re representing a small business in a mid-size to large city. Look for a local issue, maybe a newly implemented ordinance or a major development, and find a unique and relevant stance, offering reporters a quote or brief interview. Timed correctly, your outreach will land you a spot in the coverage and raise your brand’s profile. 

However, be cautious; this method can backfire. Avoid controversy, and maintain a tone appropriate to the situation or topic.

Sammi Coppedge is the public relations specialist at Readers.com.


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