4 tips to help your content find bigger online audiences

SEO expert and coach with PR Daily’s Leadership Network shares how you can analyze your content strategy to make sure the right audiences can find you.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is just one of the tools in a PR pro’s toolbox. Yet, in an increasingly digital marketplace, it is becoming more and more important.

Digital PR pros know all about creating backlinks and driving traffic to brand websites—but with the big companies like Google and Amazon (yes, it is a search engine) constantly changing the rules, everyone must brush up on their SEO knowledge.

Alan Bush is a SEO expert and a coach affiliated with the PR Daily Leadership Network where he advises members on their SEO plans and strategy. In a recent member call for the network, he shared four tips for comms pros to make sure they reach the right online audiences:

1. Discover new keywords with some crowdsourcing.

You already know what words come to mind when you think of your brand or product—but what other terms might you be overlooking?

A group brainstorming session to help create your list of relevant keywords can expand your horizons, Bush advises. He recommends creating a working group made up of both internal experts and outsiders who have a different view of your organization or department.

Keywords should be broken down by category into how they drive important business outcomes. Bush’s handy acronym for this is ARC:

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