5 ways PR and marketing pros can celebrate ‘World Chocolate Day’

Whether you’re a chocolatier or just love the confection’s taste and want to garner additional views online, follow these ideas for sweet social media posts.

Worldwide, roughly $101 billion is spent on chocolate each year.

PR and marketing pros taking part in World Chocolate Day are hoping to increase that number—or at least grab consumers’ attention.

There are four official times to celebrate your love of chocolate, ABC News WMAR reported:

Aside from July 7, World Chocolate Day, we honor it again via International Chocolate Day on Sept. 13, National Chocolate Day via the National Confectioners Association on Oct. 28 and for an entire month in February — National Chocolate Lovers’ Month.

Here’s how you can jump on World Chocolate Day (or future “holidays”):

1. You don’t have to be a chocolatier to celebrate.

A post from Princess Cruises and a GIF from Cookie Monster highlight the fun you can have engaging with your fans online by using visuals (and in the latter example, a beloved character or spokesman):

PR and marketing pros can use Flickr Creative Commons or other stock photo sites along with tools such as Canva to create interesting visuals. Share GIFs for added engagement: You can select one on Giphy, but both Twitter and Facebook have GIF searches that enable you to add the visual to a tweet or post.

2. Share wisdom.

Chocolate has a bevy of benefits, and many PR and marketing pros are sharing those with consumers:

Information doesn’t have to come in the form of statistics and fact sheets, either. This Facebook post on Roald Dahl’s page reveals tasty innovations from drafts of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”:

VSO Ireland, a development organization that focuses on fighting poverty worldwide, tapped into the power of storytelling by sharing a cocoa farmer’s tale:

3. Show consumers how they can celebrate, too.

Facts and stories can be interesting, but most consumers would rather bite into a piece of rich chocolate or sip hot cocoa on World Chocolate Day.

Help them achieve this by sharing recipes or other do-it-yourself instructions:

Not the do-it-yourself or homemaker type? Share top places to visit or experiences consumers can try:

4. Give followers a peek behind the scenes.

If you’re celebrating a holiday or event, show off your organization’s culture online:

Doing so can give your fans a little extra for following you online—and it can make your brand seem more personable.

5. Use promotional posts sparingly.

It’s tempting to tout your brand, but think twice.

Though MH Brewing Company’s Gentleman’s Stout has “rich coffee and semi-sweet chocolate flavor[s],” this promotional post seems out of place:

Junior Mints is a better fit for World Chocolate Day, but its post is unabashedly promotional:

If you’re going to post about your organization, products or services, make sure there’s an obvious tie-in to the celebration you’re joining.

Veiling promotion with interesting content is a way PR and marketing pros can stronger appeal to consumers, too. Here’s what Amazon Video India did to showcase that it has “Chocolat” available for streaming:

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