6 tips to spruce up your online content

Refresh your social media profiles, prune your email list, and polish up your Google My Business page to make it shine.

It’s never a bad time to give your content a good scrub, shine and polish.

Once a year—at least—block off a chunk of time to clean up your social media profiles, websites and blogs. As you remove clutter and sweep out dusty, musty, cobwebbed content, you’ll provide a more satisfying experience for your audience—and you might just save your career:

Here are six tips to freshen up your online presence:

1. Rewrite your social media profiles. When’s the last time you revised your Facebook “About” section? How about your Twitter bio? Does your LinkedIn profile still reflect your current strategy, goals and priorities?

Make sure the copy on all your profiles is up to snuff. Beyond correcting typos or overhauling outdated information, strengthen your profiles by making them more alluring, interesting and compelling.

2. Prune your email list. The goal for any email marketing effort is to have an active, engaged subscriber list.

Do you have contacts who haven’t opened a message in three years? If so, remove them from the database.

Also, check for any email addresses that bounce messages back to you. Sometimes it’s just a typo that’s causing your messages to go unread, so verify that you’ve entered each email address correctly.

3. Audit your links. Links that lead to nowhere will frustrate your visitors—and harm your SEO efforts.

Frequently scour your website and blog content for broken links; repair, update or delete them as is warranted.

4. Organize your blogging efforts. Has your company blog fallen into an irregular, inconsistent or ad hoc schedule?

If so, develop an editorial calendar, clarifying when new posts will be written and published. Also note who’s responsible for what, including which team members will do the writing, the image sourcing, the posting and social media promotion.

5. Check your online reputation. Do you have customer reviews you’ve never responded to or online listings that are less than flattering?

If you haven’t Googled your company name in a while—or, for that matter, yourself and key staff members—do it today. You might also set up a Google Alert about specific topics you want to closely monitor.

6. Clean up your Google My Business page. Does your Google My Business account have correct hours and contact information listed—as well as fresh, flattering images?

Is it time to rewrite the content to better reflect your current business and SEO objectives? Review your page, clean it up, and make it shine.

A version of this post first appeared on Grammar Chic.

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