7 things you must look for in a social media influencer

Ask these questions before creating a new relationship.

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Questions for influencers

When there’s a mismatch between the current audience and the influencer, the results can be disastrous for all parties involved. At a less dramatic level, it can simply be a waste of time and money.

The key to a mutually beneficial influencer experience is to ask the right questions before you sign on the dotted line. Melinda Emerson, CEO of Quintessence Group and keynoter at Ragan’s 2023 Social Media Conference, ran through a number of practical, tactical tips to get the most out of your influencer relationship.

Understand these factors before agreeing to work with an influencer:

Audience: This is the most obvious factor, and the primary reason to hire influencers — they have audiences you want to get in front of. If their audience doesn’t align with your target, there’s little reason for an alliance. “You’ve got to look at who their audience is, what their niche is and make sure that aligns with who you’re trying to reach,” Emerson said, “and that their style and tone is something that will work for you.”

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