Best Corporate-Nonprofit Partnership

Avnet donates time and expertise to help local nonprofit

The technology company didn’t just donate hardware and money to Homeward Bound and leave; it helps plan fundraising events and sits on its board of directors.

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When Homeward Bound, a nonprofit organization that helps families with children escape homelessness and domestic violence, first approached Avnet Technology Solutions for financial help, Avnet offered to do even more.

After all, it’s much easier to donate money than your time.

Avnet, which creates and delivers software and hardware solutions, saw an opportunity to have a greater impact. It not only addressed Homeward Bound’s pressing technology needs, but identified additional opportunities to help.

That’s why Avnet won the prize for Best Corporate-Nonprofit Partnership in PR Daily’s 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards.

Avnet first brought in a team of employees to conduct an IT needs assessment, and donated equipment that the nonprofit needed—laptops, servers, and networking switches. Fifteen Avnet employees transported and installed the equipment, and trained Homeward Bound employees on the new technology.

But it discovered other ways it could help. The first was providing guidance on strategic event planning. Avnet brought in its experts to discuss and provide recommendations to improve Homeward Bound’s strategic plan. The team also suggested ways to make fundraising events more effective, and came up with new events to help meet Homeward Bound’s needs.

It also helped Homeward Bound broaden its circle of influence in the community by having Avnet employees participate in events and bring others with them to share the great work Homeward Bound does in the community.

The partnership began in 2011 and is going strong. Avnet donates financially to Homeward Bound each year as well as supporting its mission by having senior Avnet executives sit on the nonprofit’s board of directors.

We congratulate the winning team: Nicole Enright, Michael Fitch, Will Hogue, Alyssa Jeffrey, Jennifer Katz, Joal Redmond, Teri Radosevich, Toni Ramsey, Brian Rawlings, Jill Soth, and Tony Vottima.

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