Best Public Health/Safety Initiative

Texas law firm distributes thousands of bike helmets to kids

Firm promotes safety and public health with grassroots helmet giveaway campaign.

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The Sloan, Bagley, Hatcher & Perry Law Firm is known around Longview, Texas, as “the lawyers who give away the helmets.”

For its simple, grassroots campaign to keep kids and families safe by providing helmets, we award the firm top honors in the Best Public Health/Safety Initiative category of PR Daily’s 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards. The firm became the Texas ambassador for the Heads in Helmets nonprofit organization.

The two primary goals of the Heads in Helmets program and the Sloan firm were:

  • Promote safety and prevent traumatic brain injuries among children by distributing as many free safety helmets as possible to children age 3 to 14 during the summer of 2013.
  • Raise awareness of the firm’s commitment to the safety and rights of individuals.

To do this, the firm created a board of directors of community leaders who were passionate about child safety. It also aligned with 18 pediatricians in Longview to provide coupons and certificates for kids to get helmets at the firm’s Longview office.  

The firm ordered 2,500 safety helmets in three sizes and printed pamphlets with specific safety information about preventing traumatic brain injury in children. According to the entry, the firm trained its employees and volunteers to custom-fit bicycle helmets for children who were accompanied by a parent or guardian at the firm’s offices or at special events in June, July, and August 2013.

According to the entry, approximately 100 children have visited the firm’s offices to exchange coupons and certificates for free safety helmets since June 2013. Approximately 1,700 more children received free safety helmets at special events held during the summer of 2013.

Congratulations to Laureen Bagley, Kevin Fullen, Gai Linn Roberts, Claudia Martinez, and John B. Lewis.

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