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Digital annual report tells nonprofit’s story through data and content

A variety of approaches and unifying design combined to deliver a solid online experience.

FY’17 ACCESS Annual Report: Shifting Our Care Model to Better Meet the Needs of Our Communities- Logo


Digital annual reports are nothing new, nor are digital-only annual reports. For Access Community Health Network, though, going all-digital for its annual report was a first. The result has earned it first place in the “Digital Publication” category of Ragan’s 2018 Health Care PR and Marketing Awards

Serving underserved communities, Access didn’t have the resources some organizations can pump into online media. What they lacked in funds, though, the team of communicators made up in passion and expertise. The report uses popular and effective web scrolling techniques to draw readers to well-written articles, useful infographics, colorful images and supporting videos that—along with the data one expects to find in an annual report—come together to paint a compelling picture of Access and its operations during the last year.

The photography is a special element of the report, much of it shot in the neighborhood where Access’ patients live. Marketing the annual report—which was nine months in the making—took advantage of a hybrid of channels that targeted key stakeholders over a defined time period. 

The effort included a printed “calling card” featuring the signature opening video from the online report, driving a number of funders and community partners, government officials and other key civic leaders to review the report. In addition to all the winning characteristics of the report, it’s seamless and clean, and effectively draws readers to each section.

Congratulations to the team of Cristina Sotelino, Sheila Biggs, Elaine Hegwood Bowen, Evy Lui, Steve Rigby and Paul Audia.

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