Instructional or Educational Content

Video series keeps employees informed across multiple channels

Bite-sized episodes cover business developments, products and events.

Coffee Break- Logo

Capitalizing on the popularity of snackable video content, Lenovo introduced “Coffee Break,” which has grown in popularity among employees. It’s so snackable—and successful—that it’s won first place in the “Instructional or Educational Content” category of Ragan’s 2018 Intranet Awards.

From an initial 250–350 views, episodes now are viewed by an average of 1,200 employees—and that doesn’t account for those who may watch as they play on digital displays. Episodes run 3–6 minutes, covering business developments (including quarterly earnings announcements), product information (like new-product launches) and events. Episodes typically feature one of the communication staff interviewing a subject matter expert in an informal setting (like at a table in a cafeteria). To its credit, the team ensures the expert is also able to discuss the subject concisely on-camera.

Distribution through multiple channels is a key to the series’ success. Employees can watch it on the intranet, mobile app, global digital signage network and Lenovo TV, the network of televisions playing in Lenovo offices worldwide. Produced at least once a month, episodes are based on the team’s research into topics of interest to employees; additional videos are produced when news or events call for it. Most importantly, the videos are engaging and entertaining.

Congratulations to Lenovo’s Khaner Walker, Kristy Fair, Zac Lambert and Carol Guo.

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