Visual Storytelling

Microsite houses photographs from ‘US Impact Day,’ Deloitte’s day of service

Page quadrupled DeloitteNet’s page success benchmark.

U.S. Impact Day 2018- Logo

Deloitte employees in the United States have participated for 19 years in U.S. Impact Day, a day of service involving 1,000 projects in 80 cities. In 2018, those employees collectively contributed nearly 190,000 hours of service. Telling the story of these employees’ efforts has earned Deloitte first place in the “Visual Storytelling” category of Ragan’s 2018 Intranet Awards.

Projects ran the gamut from helping diverse, underserved groups reach their full potential to assisting community organizations. Employees and organizers shot plenty of pictures at these events, which the Deloitte intranet team sought to use in a way that would convey a strategic story about the breadth and depth of the event while engaging employees and doubling the “blockbuster” benchmark for total views.

The team surpassed its page view goal by a factor of two—quadrupling the blockbuster benchmark—by creating a special microsite dedicated to U.S. Impact Day. To ensure the site was accessible as quickly as possible after the event, the team worked with colleagues in India who could work on the site while U.S. staff were sleeping. Seven team members from the U.S. spent a Sunday curating the images ultimately used in the gallery, which let employees select a full dashboard overview, a photo-by-photo click-through or an arrangement of photos by geographic region.

The photos each featured a location/city title in dashboard view and a full text caption in expanded view. Employees discovered the microsite through home page promotions; the team also developed a “quick search” feature that brought the microsite to the fore when any employee searched “Impact Day.”

Congratulations to the team of Jennifer Almeida, Anil Bairy, Mary Bradley, Kelly Campbell, Surbhi Dubey , Kimberly Gavagan, Jere Hoilett, Patali Kadali, Anuradha Kumar, Susan Ityavyar, Xiomara Lopez, Breanna Lucas, Julie Shirazi, Prathima Tharangini and Julie Vallese.

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