Blog revamp reflects a rethinking of agency’s identity

A traditional marketing and PR firm shifted to an ‘engagement agency.’

DEVENEY Insights- Logo

New Orleans-based DEVENEY envisioned a brighter future by repositioning itself as a full-service engagement agency. DEVENEY undertook a complete overhaul of its website to reflect its new identity, with special focus given to its blog. Its efforts have earned it first place in the “Best Blog” category of PR Daily’s 2017 Digital PR & Social Media Awards.

The agency set ambitious measurement goals, seeking a 20 percent increase in overall traffic and maintaining an average bounce rate of 59.95 percent or lower. Intensive research revealed the topics on which the blog should focus and, within each topic, which issues were not being addressed, allowing the DEVENEY team to produce content that filled in gaps so that people asking questions online would more easily find their way to the organization’s blog. 

The blog includes ongoing series (which leave readers knowing that more great content on the series theme is on the way), responses to timely issues and guest bloggers. Posts are expertly promoted as well. 

The result? Traffic to the blog grew by more than 255 percent in just two months, with a bounce rate of just over 38 percent. 

Congratulations to Lauren Wegmann, Grace MacDougall and Jessica Civello for their extraordinary efforts in transforming the DEVENEY blog.

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