How an effective PR strategy can boost your brand

Brand loyalty, meaningful engagement and increased awareness are only a few ways that public relations can improve your brand’s reach. Here’s more.

A solid PR strategy can help you expand in a variety of ways.

Incorporating effective PR into your communications program can encourage brand awareness, boost customer loyalty and build advocacy. Focusing on your relationships can create the trust and transparency necessary to create long-lasting bonds with established and potential customers.

How can you reach mobile-focused consumers in a continually changing communications landscape?

Consider these tips:

Use PR to drive news and information.

Social media use is rapidly increasing. To keep up with news-driving consumers, you must make connections with influential users.

Consumers decide what information they like, where they want to receive it and with whom they’re going to share it. Millennials, for example, are especially difficult for businesses to engage with. According to a 2015 Refuel study, they’re glued to their smartphones for more than six hours a day.

If you seek to interact with younger consumers, you must prioritize your mobile marketing efforts. Doing so will help you to connect with millennials on their terms.

Let your PR strategy deliver trust and credibility.

With increased access to social media and other mobile technologies, digitally oriented consumers will begin recognizing only those organizations and brands with a digital focus.

Many modern communicators realize that delivering a mix of paid, earned, shared and owned media is the best way to be seen online. However, without the trust and credibility that good PR can deliver, brand managers will not generate the advocacy they seek.

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A well-rounded PR approach can increase your reach, and it can transform brand awareness to meaningful engagement. Sharing information or receiving media coverage through various channels is no longer enough. PR develops important relationships, which can lead to interactive experiences that live up to your customers’ expectations.

Build a base of loyal advocates

What makes a consumer want to become a loyal brand advocate? Look to younger generations for that answer.

Millennials have incredible passion and a strong desire to make the world a better place. Connecting with millennials requires you to have a certain level of depth and understanding. They want to create meaningful experiences with brand managers.

Younger generations invest in brands they trust. Companies such as Toms, Starbucks and Chipotle have managed to attract and retain their attention. Those brand managers aren’t just speaking to people; they’re speaking with them.

The PR pros who realize the full potential of their common strategy can turn customers into loyal advocates.

Deirdre Breakenridge is CEO of Pure Performance Communications . A version of this article first appeared on her blog.

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