How communicators can do less and survive—and even thrive

The answer is not more ‘touchpoints’ or ‘connectivity.’ Focus on doing fewer things, and shed the extraneous stuff that’s not driving substantive results.

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Pick up and examine your plate of workplace tasks.

It’s heavy, isn’t it? Sure, there are portions of meaningful, hearty fare on there, but I bet your plate is laden with mushy, empty communication calories. That whole left side is occupied by the same musty, stale newsletter hash that’s been there for years.

What if you scraped most of what’s on your professional plate into a garbage can?

“B-b-b-b-b-ut I have to have projects to create the illusion of being busy!”

“We’ve been producing ‘Next Level Synergy Value Add’ magazine for 10 years!”

“If we don’t do the newsletter, what do we do?”

“We have to generate more connectivity, right?”

“We’ve got to get the conversation going on the intranet.”

Just stop, breathe, and relax. Imagine fewer “touchpoints.” Less connectivity. Less “engagement,” even. It’s possible, and it’s OK.

Here are four reasons you should consider doing less:

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