How a great company culture can bolster your public image

Your PR staffers are often the first to detect a culture problem. Here’s why you should empower them to do something about it.

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Company culture affects almost every department in your business.

According to Harvard Business Review, culture is what drives employee decisions when management isn’t around. These decisions reflect on your organization and can either attract more employees, more customers and more business, or push them away.

Why PR pros are culture experts

Though you might expect top-level management or even the HR department would be the first to blow the whistle when it comes to corporate culture stagnation and corruption, it has been shown that a company’s PR department does the best job in spotting holes in company culture and also in fixing them up.

Because it is the PR department’s main duty is to keep the company image pristine, communicators get lots of feedback from external sources who often ask difficult questions regarding company strategies and policies. This allows them to conduct their own internal PR audits within the company, which opens the communication lines between company leaders and employees and allows them to get rid of parts of the old culture that are not working, strengthen the parts that are, and incorporate new values that are more in line with the company’s overall vision.

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