How to get white allies to take meaningful action on DE&I

Research shows that there is a perception gap between Black and white employees over the current progress of DE&I initiatives. Here’s how to keep white allies engaged in a long-term effort.

As the U.S. approaches the anniversary of the murder of George Floyd—an event that sparked a wave of protest and recommitment to DE&I efforts in corporate America—the reality for those who have recently joined the fight for equality is sinking in.

This is a generational fight that requires persistence and a willingness to refuse easy resolutions that paper over deep wounds. Your organization’s drive to bring equity and inclusion to every aspect of its operations will be a process that takes years. It’s a journey without a final destination, as each bit of progress reveals new frontiers where advocates can push for justice.

That might be an unwelcome truth for some members of the coalition that pushed for change in the summer of 2020. According to data form Glassdoor, there is a perception gap between white and Black employees. Workers of color rate DE&I efforts at there company 3.49 stars (out of five) compared to white workers who rate DE&I efforts at 3.74 stars.

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