How to refine your manager communications

Communicating both up and down through the organization can be tough.

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Leadership communications

Being a manager isn’t always the easiest. Not only do you take directives from the top of the organization, but you also need to be able to communicate those ideas and tasks to your reports in a style that resonates with your team and still makes sense in the grand scheme of the company mission. Much of a manager’s job is getting the right message across. That said, there are a few key approaches to keep in mind when you’re considering the strategies behind the way you communicate in the new year.

Constructive and open communication is critical

When you’re managing a group of employees, it’s particularly important to be aware not just of what you say, but also of how you say it. Whether you’re in times of change or business as usual, your reports will continue to rely on you for guidance on projects and general information about how the company is doing. A manager with good communication skills will provide positive, constructive feedback to employees while also keeping them informed as to the goings-on at the organization.

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