How to use food imagery to grab a bigger slice of the PR pie

Victuals, comestibles, noshes—all manner of foodstuffs—resonate deeply with consumers, even if your product or service isn’t edible. Try these tactics to sweeten your next campaign.

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Golden syrup pooling in a bowl of steaming oatmeal. A chocolate cake coated in a gleaming dark chocolate glaze. Heaps of pink shreds of pork and ribbons of crispy potatoes.

Do I have your attention now?

That’s the wonder of food. You can be in the worst mood, in the middle of a monotonous meeting, or not even hungry at all, but the sight, smell, even sound of your favorite dish can elicit deep-seated emotions.

Food carries huge emotional power. It sparks our nostalgia, summoning memories of baking with our grandmas and celebrating with our friends. Even a humble cracker can trigger elation if it takes our senses back to a special time.

That’s why food is one of the best tools in a communication team’s arsenal.

The power of food-based messaging

Food has a dominating presence in society. After housing and transportation, Americans spend the biggest chunk of their paychecks on food, and that figure has been steadily rising. We don’t just love to eat; we love to host, to cook and to share our food in increasingly diverse ways.

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