How video can cut through the noise during this crisis

With information overload and media disruption from COVID-19, you will have to be your own best advocate to get your messages out there. Here’s why video is a crucial tool.

Video is your best bet for making an impression during this crisis.

With audiences looking for information, but also looking for a respite from overstimulation, video is a crucial tool for getting your message in front of key audiences.

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We asked Ryan Jordan, executive creative director at imre for his insights on how to use video during this difficult time. Here’s what he had to share:

PR Daily: How important is video for current messaging and comms efforts?

Jordan: Can I answer this question with another question? How important is video to your customer?

Video is an incredibly effective storytelling mechanism to engage people. But the beauty of digital media is telling your story in a variety of formats across a variety of channels. Pairing a video spot with a banner ad. Following up a social engagement with an email. Our ability to create a series of escalating interactions with our customers is still paramount to successful communications.

PR Daily: How can brands get video during the COVID-19 lockdown?

Jordan: Just do it. (Thanks, NIKE) Of course we are limited by the type of video we can create, but now more than ever we need to get creative about how we produce great video. Don’t have access to professional cameras and expensive equipment? Shoot on your phone and produce more Instagram stories. Can’t cast actors or don’t have access to sets? Negotiate your licensing on previous spots and deconstruct them to tell new stories. You’ve put a lot of care into crafting your brand and stockpiling assets. Now’s the time to dust off everything in your stock pantry.

PR Daily: What tactics are working the best right now? Any messages we should highlight?

Jordan: At imre we are predicting a reemergence of organic. What’s your customer engagement strategy? How are you creating impactful digital experiences for your customers? And most of all, how are you listening? Relevancy has taken the spotlight for the moment and you better have a good answer to the question, why us and why now? So I challenge you to dig up that brand book and focus on the part that’s built around the human qualities of your brand.

PR Daily: Where should you be sharing these videos? Any channels that should be top priority?

Jordan: This moment has collectively given us permission to be more experimental, so don’t miss the opportunity. Experimentation also means channel. Try new things out and get back to your roots of engagement. For a cynical consumer there’s a sniff test to authenticity, so now’s the time to rediscover your authentic voice. Go to where the people are and have an honest conversation about what they want to hear. Let your customer point the way.

PR Daily: What mistakes could a brand make with video right now that you should avoid?

Jordan: Talking too much about yourself. Focus on people.

PR Daily: What brand videos have you supported recently, and how did the approach meet the moment?

Jordan: It was born of an authentic admiration for what these farmers and other essential workers are doing to help keep us at home. For over a century John Deere has built the machines that have kept this country running and helped feed the world. But for a moment we wanted to look past the equipment and to the owners and operators behind the wheel that are risking their lives so that we can stay home.

My advice to brands… ask yourselves this simple question: What makes us essential?


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