How you can use Twitter Moments to improve your content marketing

Health care organizations have a new way to share stories, engage audiences and shape the conversations about their brands.

Last year, Twitter opened its storytelling feature “Twitter Moments” to the public.

Users can create and share stories consisting of tweets and multimedia that have been uploaded to the channel. By prioritizing concise, digestible pieces of content, Twitter is attempting to compete with social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.

Here’s an example of how Twitter used this feature to announce its arrival.

For health care organizations, this feature could dramatically improve the return on marketing investment.

“Twitter Moments just leverages what Twitter is already about, which is real-time marketing,” says Rebecca Lieb, a digital media and marketing analyst quoted in a recent AdWeek article.

Here are a few ways Twitter Moments can help your health care organization improve its content marketing in 2017:

  • Showcase the value of your brand. A health care provider crafted a moment in order to highlight the value of physician assistants. It included tweets with statistics about the growth of the profession over the last five years. Not only is this a great way to tell a story, but it also emphasizes a mutual sharing of information and visuals relevant to a given topic.
  • Engage with your brand advocates and followers. A best practice in social media marketing is to share your followers’ content. Using Twitter Moments to do this helps your health care organization build a deeper level of trust among your audience by showing how well your staff pays attention to what’s said about the brand, trending topics and current events.
  • Shape your health care brand’s messaging and reputation. Don’t let detractors have the last or loudest commentary on your message. With Twitter Moments, your health care organization can issue a statement, frame perspective on the topic and highlight relevant messaging, as well as sharing pertinent information that bolsters your position, focuses the narrative and keeps your organization’s reputation intact.

Digital storytelling with Twitter Moments is an efficient way to give your audience the news it wants and the content your organization seeks to promote.

Audrey Chittick is an account executive and a social media manager for Scott Public Relations. The original version of this post appeared on Scott’s Einsight blog.

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