Improve your writing—and creativity—with some story prompts

Ever sat staring at a blank screen while attempting to begin a writing assignment? Try these games to get your creative juices flowing.

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One of my favorites is Storymatic, a game that uses a series of cards to generate story ideas. With each turn, players draw two character cards, such as “a butcher” and “the object of a secret crush,” along with two object cards, such as “a flat tire” and “a secret hiding place.” The goal is to combine all four elements into one story. The person with the most creative story wins.

Playing these types of games helps me think creatively and stretches my storytelling skills. So I thought it might be fun to play a few rounds of Storymatic in this post. Below are the entries from three sets of cards and the stories that came from them.

1. Person with a tail; winner of a reality show; safety deposit box; an email that cannot be unsent.
Chuck should have won the reality show. Should have. He had the most shocking reveal—that due to a genetic anomaly, he had been born with a tail. But that didn’t compare with Courtney, who spent four days trapped in a bank vault after a failed attempt to break into her ex-husband’s safety deposit box. Or with Chazz, who lost more than 200 pounds on a diet of couscous. It was official now. The announcement of the winner came by email. And that email could not be unsent.

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