Infographic: 10 tips for creating viral content online

How can you create content that takes on a life of its own on social media and digital channels? Try these tactics.

You can’t guarantee a post will go viral—but certain elements can set you up for success.

By optimizing your content and crafting your plan, you can make sure that when you do create a bona fide hit, the traffic is going where you want and you’re controlling the story of your campaign.

This infographic from Red Web Design blog and Infographic Design Team share essential elements to help your content make a big splash.

Their tips include:

  • Create relevant content and engage high-value influencers to share your creation.
  • Don’t forget to tag photos and use optimized embed codes.
  • Use emotions like amusement, delight and affection to generate viral sharing.

To learn more about the attributes that can help land major success for your content, read the full infographic.



2 Responses to “Infographic: 10 tips for creating viral content online”

    Mercy says:

    Simple and precise content the way you have included all the essential points in short. The above infographic has given a detailed overview to create viral content. Thank you very much for taking the effort and putting such great Information.

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