Infographic: 15 ways to drastically increase email open rates

Getting readers to click through your digital messages is a difficult task, but this guide offers tactics for improving results—and improving your bottom line.

What does it take to get audiences to open your emails?

Email marketing is a powerful channel for generating leads and converting these readers into clients or customers, but standing out amid cluttered inboxes is no walk in the park. Delivering different types of emails and keeping up with the latest trends can be effective, but they’re only a piece of the puzzle.

99Firms compiled email optimization hacks and related case studies into this infographic to help you in your quest to improve open rates.

One key insight is the importance of your subject line. According to the guide, nearly half (47 percent) of readers open emails based on its subject.

Additional insights include:

  • Personalizing email messages can boost media ROI by nearly 125 percent.
  • Including only a single call to action can increase clicks and sales by 371 percent and 1,617 percent, respectively.
  • Subject lines that create a fear of missing out can boost open rates by more than 20 percent.

Check out the full infographic for additional ways to craft emails that earn more engagement and boost revenue.


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