Infographic: 5 types of emails every organization should use

Email marketing is economical and effective—but marketers worry about overloading readers. Here are the basic approaches that you should consider sending your customers.

Email is still an effective marketing channel, but it’s crucial that marketers exercise caution when reaching out online.

Spam filters and email watchdogs are policing how companies try to break through, and overusing this tactic can backfire. However, industry experts say email still has an important role to play.

So, what sorts of emails should your organization send?

This infographic from Campaign Monitor offers five email types that customers are likely to open.

They are:

  • A welcome email to new customers or subscribers
  • A regular email newsletter
  • New product notifications or news alerts
  • Testimonials from other customers extolling your product
  • Surveys to capture customer feedback

To learn more about each email format, and about how to coax recipients to open and respond to these messages, read the full infographic.


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