Infographic: 5 tips for developing great content with influencers

To control your message and design an audience experience that will produce desired results, you have to optimize the content you use for influencer marketing. Consider these insights.

What kinds of content work well on influencer marketing campaigns?

Whether you’re working with a micro-influencer or engaging with a celebrity’s enormous audience, you only have a few seconds to capture your viewer. Plus, audiences will be looking for authenticity and entertainment—and if you can’t deliver, you won’t only hurt your brand; your influencer partner might lose some irked followers.

This infographic from Linqia offers five tips for what influencer content must have to be successful.

Key insights include:

  • Use longer copy for 23% better performance
  • Attribute the content to the influencer when possible
  • Include a call to action

To learn more about what can help your content succeed in an influencer marketing campaign, read the full infographic.


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