Infographic: 55 blog post ideas to captivate your audience

Are you running low on inspiration? Here are starting points to get the creative juices flowing.

Keeping up with the internet’s insatiable appetite for content is exhausting.

Posts that took hours to finesse can have a shelf life of hours or even minutes. However, industry experts suggest that a quantity over quality approach will damage your brand.

Marketers and content creators must produce a steady stream of captivating, informative posts. Otherwise, readers will click away.

For marketers who feel they are running out of ideas, Digital Marketer has put together an infographic that contains 55 ideas for different blog posts.

Striking ideas include:

  • Turn your content into a checklist that offers value to readers.
  • Go behind the scenes to reveal an interesting part of your organization or highlight talented employees.
  • Use your blog to debate with and react to other content creators and industry commentators.

To learn about all 55 ideas, and decide whether they are right for your content mix, consider the full infographic.


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